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Download - Stable Version 1.2 "ByFiat Everytime" - 2004-08-18

All KolourPaint Versions:      1.2.2 [Changes] | 1.2      1.0.2 | 1.0.1 | 1.0      Unstable

1.2 is an old version of KolourPaint and is only here for reference. It has a regression: copying selections using the CTRL key does not work. You should use the current stable version of KolourPaint. It has bug fixes and more features.


KolourPaint 1.2 is also available in KDE 3.3.


If you have trouble compiling, installing or using KolourPaint, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Changes Since 1.0.2

  • Add virtually unlimited Undo/Redo
  • Add freehand resizing
  • Add drag scrolling
  • More image effects: Balance, Emboss, Flatten, Invert (with choice of channels), Reduce Colours, Smooth Scale, Soften & Sharpen
  • When loading images, dither more often for better quality
  • Configurable colour depth and JPEG quality when saving (with preview)
  • Single key shortcuts for all tools and tool options
  • Fix several selection bugs
  • Allow single click creation of text box
  • Add Opaque/Transparent widget for the text tool
  • Improve text quality when working with transparency
  • Paste multiline clipboard contents with MMB correctly
  • Improve Resize/Scale dialog usability
  • Reduce flicker
  • Add Export, Copy To File, Paste From File, Paste in New Window, Full Screen Mode
  • Add Zoom In/Out buttons to main toolbar
  • Make sure colour palette renders correctly on 8-bit screen

Source Code

BZipped Tar kolourpaint-1.2_kde3.tar.bz2 1,127 KB (Checksum)
GZipped Tar kolourpaint-1.2_kde3.tar.gz 1,368 KB (Checksum)
Fedora Core 1 SRPM kolourpaint-1.2-1.1.fc1.dries.src.rpm 1,200 KB (Info)    Dries Verachtert
Fedora Core 2 SRPM kolourpaint-1.2-1.1.fc2.dries.src.rpm 1,200 KB (Info)    Dries Verachtert
SuSE 8.2 SRPM kolourpaint-1.2-0.pm.0.src.rpm (Info)    Herbert Graeber
SuSE 9.0 SRPM kolourpaint-1.2-0.pm.0.src.rpm (Info)    Herbert Graeber
SuSE 9.1 SRPM kolourpaint-1.2-0.pm.0.src.rpm (Info)    Herbert Graeber

Requires: Qt 3.x and KDE 3.x development libraries (preferably Qt 3.3 and KDE 3.3).


You can also obtain KolourPaint 1.2 from KDE CVS. In the module "kdegraphics", checkout the directories "kolourpaint" and "doc/kolourpaint" with the tag "kolourpaint_1_2_0_kde3_release".


Linux Distribution Independent-Binaries (EXPERIMENTAL)

BZipped Tar kolourpaint-1.2_kde3-bin-1.tar.bz2 803 KB (Checksum)
GZipped Tar kolourpaint-1.2_kde3-bin-1.tar.gz 808 KB (Checksum)

These packages do not require installation nor superuser privileges - they are "ready-to-run" after unpacking. They should work in most Linux distributions released after August 2002. Specifically, your system must meet the following requirements:

  • glibc 2.2 compatibility
  • gcc 3.2 compatible ABI (this does not mean you have to compile anything nor have gcc)
  • KDE 3.x
  • Qt 3 (>= 3.0.5)


Conventional Binary Packages

Fedora Core 1 RPM kolourpaint-1.2-1.1.fc1.dries.i386.rpm 899 KB (Info)    Dries Verachtert
Fedora Core 2 RPM kolourpaint-1.2-1.1.fc2.dries.i386.rpm 899 KB (Info)    Dries Verachtert
Mandrake 9.0 RPM kolourpaint-1.2_kde3-1mdk_9.0.i386.rpm 825 KB (Checksum)    Clarence Dang
Mandrake 9.2 RPM kolourpaint-1.2_kde3-1mdk-9.2.i386.rpm 819 KB (Checksum)    Christoph Eckert
SuSE 8.2 RPM kolourpaint-1.2-0.pm.0.i386.rpm (Info)    Herbert Graeber
SuSE 9.0 RPM kolourpaint-1.2-0.pm.0.i586.rpm (Info)    Herbert Graeber
SuSE 9.1 RPM kolourpaint-1.2-0.pm.0.i586.rpm (Info)    Herbert Graeber
Xandros 2 DEB kolourpaint_1.2-kde3-1xandros-2.0.i386.deb 813 KB (Checksum)    AndrewJ

You can also try searching for more RPMs at:


MD5 Checksums

c942075ef7afd7d1657737b8168550e7    kolourpaint-1.2_kde3-1mdk_9.0.i386.rpm
85cc17aad177f3f3e1844973e0bb9d2d    kolourpaint-1.2_kde3-1mdk-9.2.i386.rpm
c74c519d5b1cd86b06364599315309a5    kolourpaint-1.2_kde3-bin-1.tar.bz2
2570a6af3fb198bba5345c63540a8610    kolourpaint-1.2_kde3-bin-1.tar.gz
9cf8036e6e4cf6aa1039bb4fe70ba2e9    kolourpaint-1.2_kde3.tar.bz2
fede78f0d7a43c631e8f54bc2ee0e958    kolourpaint-1.2_kde3.tar.gz
c9760ae1ad400c181a2c9bfde698e65a    kolourpaint_1.2-kde3-1xandros-2.0.i386.deb
All KolourPaint Versions:      1.2.2 [Changes] | 1.2      1.0.2 | 1.0.1 | 1.0      Unstable

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