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Download - Stable Version 1.0.2 - 2004-04-29

All KolourPaint Versions:      1.2.2 [Changes] | 1.2      1.0.2 | 1.0.1 | 1.0      Unstable

1.0.2 is an old version of KolourPaint and is only here for reference. You should use the current stable version of KolourPaint. It has bug fixes and more features.


If you have trouble compiling, installing or using KolourPaint, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Changes Since 1.0.1 (on same page)


Source Code


The following require the Qt 3.x and KDE 3.x development libraries (preferably Qt 3.2 and KDE 3.2).

BZipped Tar kolourpaint-1.0.2.tar.bz2 (817,048 B) 27e4c5ca5c3e083a7384f81a7c7af534
GZipped Tar kolourpaint-1.0.2.tar.gz (1,046,003 B) db9cc55432be5bcfe67f8caf5b59e4dd
FreeBSD Port - - -
Gentoo Portage Type: emerge kolourpaint - -
KDE CVS In the module "kdegraphics", checkout the directories "kolourpaint" and "doc/kolourpaint" with the tag "kolourpaint_1_0_2_release".

If you want keep to make sure that your stable copy of KolourPaint is the most up-to-date, use KDE CVS and checkout with the tag "kolourpaint_1_0_branch" instead of "kolourpaint_1_0_2_release".


Historical Note: The KolourPaint 1.0.2 source was tagged and packaged on 2004-04-29 but the release was delayed till 2004-05-01 due to non-technical reasons.



+ KDE 3.x
(packaged by Ruivaldo Neto)
(482,708 B) d929953ca48206158cc58e9d66cd531b
Mandrake 9.2 kolourpaint-1.0.2-1mdk-9.2.i586.rpm
(packaged by Christoph Eckert)
(487,724 B) aa95e3c6370d027de840fe9eb6a7f865
Mandrake 9.0 kolourpaint-1.0.2-1mdk-9.0.i586.rpm
(packaged by Clarence Dang)
(500,295 B) 1f64e36c4a37f83aaa6fed8aa7021180
SuSE 8.2
+ KDE 3.2.2
(packaged by Bart Symons)
(500,115 B) cf996d4e0d88a6cd66317e889de156db
SuSE 8.2 SRPM kolourpaint-1.0.2-1.suse82.src.rpm
(packaged by Bart Symons)
(1,047,094 B) b76139d39e1a84ec211cb35a4c647926
SuSE 8.2 Spec File
(from above SRPM)
(by Bart Symons)
(2,218 B) a2051e78be113c74aa54e0c2f5416b23

The following packages are external to the KolourPaint Project:

Ark Linux kolourpaint-1.0.2-1ark.i586.rpm
Ark Linux SRPM kolourpaint-1.0.2-1ark.src.rpm
Knoppix Klik Install
Lycoris kolourpaint-1.0.2-1ok.i386.rpm (RPM Info)
Mandrake Cooker kolourpaint-1.0.2-1mdk.i586.rpm
Mandrake SRPM kolourpaint-1.0.2-1mdk.src.rpm
Redhat 9 kolourpaint-1.0.2-0.1.rh90.kde.i386.rpm (RPM Info)
Redhat 8.x kolourpaint-1.0.2-0.1.rh80.kde.i386.rpm (RPM Info)
Redhat 7.x kolourpaint-1.0.2-0.1.rh73.kde.i386.rpm (RPM Info)
SuSE 9.x kolourpaint-1.0.2-0.pm.0.i586.rpm (RPM Info)
SuSE 9.x SRPM kolourpaint-1.0.2-0.pm.0.src.rpm

If you can't find a package for your system, try a "near match" or the Mandrake 9.0 package since it doesn't require a new glibc (2.2) nor a new KDE (3.0). You can also try searching for more RPMs at:


Summary of Changes Since 1.0.1

  • New icons (Kristof Borrey)
  • Added KDE Help Centre documentation
  • Fixed:
    • Brush tool at size 1x1 with Qt <3.2 (brush_1x1_kolourpaint-1.0.1.diff)
    • Thumbnail-related crashes with Qt/KDE 3.0
    • Pulling transparent selections with colour similarity
    • Memory leak with selections (Albert Astals Cid)
All KolourPaint Versions:      1.2.2 [Changes] | 1.2      1.0.2 | 1.0.1 | 1.0      Unstable

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